Project, Application & Infrastructure Portfolio Management for IT Organizations requires integration between your PMO, Development and Operations groups, with one view of the project lifecycle. PPM Litecycle provides PPM and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in an integrated, non-complicated, non-bureaucratic process.

To remove the walls between business stakeholders, development teams, project managers, and the PMO, PPM Litecycle broadens the capabilities of a PPM system to include ALM elements, while at the same time lightens the burden of deep data entry such as excessively-detailed task and time tracking.

The Business/IT  need core features that focus on planning, tracking, and reporting while providing easier access to critical metadata needed to achieve their goals.  PPM Litecycle provides the glue between operational and strategic systems through an integrated/ integrating platform to achieve the Business Project Objectives. 

PPM Litecycle is a light end-to-end solution for project, application and infrastructure management; incorporating key aspects of both PPM and ALM applications.  Features are rich, but not burdensome for the business to utilize. Governance processes are built-in.  Built on open-source technology, with visual development and easily customizable workflow. 

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· Project requests, planning, requirements, tasks, scheduling

· Governance – management review and approval across the project Litecycle

· Triple constraints visibility – Time, Cost, Scope

· Executive and operational dashboards

· Width vs. depth – more, simpler information vs. complicated details

· Integration with other project management systems (e.g. Microsoft Project)

· Webservice tie to Document Management System – (e.g. Knowledge Tree)

· Project to Feature hierarchy (Application or Infrastructure components)

· Governance at the Feature level across the Litecycle

· Feature links to tasks in an ITSM system – (e.g. webservices to Livetime, Mojo)

· Risk, Test and Deployment plans at the Feature level

· Grouping of  approved Features into a Releases and Release bundle

· Change Management with Automatic Change Document creation 

· Configuration Items Management by Features (with webservice to Livetime)

· Built on open source stack, Java, JBoss, MySQL, Eclipse, Starpound

· Visual development of business process and application (Starpound Studio)

· Plug and Play web services (currently to Livetime, Mojo, Knowledgetree, Sharepoint, Jira)

· Easily maintainable in-house

· SasS in the Cloud is available

· Easy Telephony integration- PBX, Call Center, IVR – through Starpound

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PPM Litecycle TM


by CIO Services, LLC

FREE-Open Source


Lightweight Project Lifecycle Governance Software

· Reduces organizational churn for faster, less costly projects

· Bridges organizational process gaps – reducing rework and non-added-value work

· Simply Implemented & Maintained vs “the big guys” software

· Offers Inexpensive Usage Plan or Open-Source/No-cost option

· Supports Audits with approval tracking and industry-accepted framework

· Fosters Organizational acceptance with a non-burdensome framework








Workflow & Collaboration


· Flexible, but controlled workflow based on Cobit and ITIL across the Litecycle

· Workflow portal with split view, work-items/application

· Integrated email and work item alerts

· Multiple organizations, queues, teams, roles; with skills and workload routing

Technology & Integration